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Enzymolysis meat for wet food of dogs and cats

Agu 18, 2020

by Daisy Wang

As the increasing number of pet dogs and cats in the city, pet owners pay more and more attention to the health of dogs and cats, and the demands for the nutritional pet food is higher and higher. Various kinds of meat as the main raw materials for pet food can not only meet dogs and cats’ nature for meat, but also provide pets with rich amino acids and other essential nutrients.

Enzymolysis meat for wet food of dogs and cats

The wet food for dogs and cats is prepared by enzymolysis meat. After enzymolysis, the macromolecular protein in meat can be decomposed into a polypeptide, short peptide and free amino acid, thus reducing the food allergy rate and promoting the digestion and absorption of nutrition for dogs and cats. Instead of raw materials such as fresh meat and meat powder, the enzymatically hydrolyzed meat can not only be well used in wet food for dogs and cats, but also can further enhance the nutritional value of fresh meat, enhance the appetite of dogs and cats.

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How to wet pet food with enzymolysis meat as a raw material?

Meat shredding ——heating and precuring——adjust pH after cooling —— add protease—— reaction of fresh meat hydrolysate—— heating and deactivating enzyme—— add nutritional supplement——packaging after Sterilized.

What is the benefit of wet pet food with enzymolysis meat as a raw material?

1. In raw material pretreatment, distilled water was not added to wet pet food to adjust the liquid/material ratio, and the reaction time of enzymatic hydrolysis was prolonged. While ensuring that the base material was fully enzymatically hydrolyzed, it increased the concentration of the hydrolysate without adding other raw materials to increase the viscosity of the product, so that the final product could be used as a raw material in a variety of pet food processing.

2. The processing method of wet food can be adjusted according to different meat, and different enzyme formula can be added to better complete the enzymatic hydrolysis of different meat to meet the actual processing needs of pet food.

3. The base material is fully heated before enzymolysis to inactivate the miscellaneous bacteria in the meat emulsion and the original enzymes in the meat, avoiding the interference of miscellaneous bacteria and enzymes on the enzymatic hydrolysis reaction and allowing the meat in the meat protein denatures and dissolves to improve the degree of hydrolysis.

4. Wet food products are thick and semi-liquid, which is convenient for pet dogs and cats to lick and eat, rich in nutrients and delicious, easy for pets to digest and absorb.

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