[Recipe] Naples thin pancake pizza

About Naples pizza

Round Naples pizza, ordinary but special, is the most common pizza in the world and the symbol of Italian pizza. Its edge stands out and the middle part is thin with the decoration of Mozzarella cheese and tomato ketchup. The traditional recipe of Naples pizza dated from over 400 years. It is still popular and continues to innovate. The classical “Margaret” (pizza with only tomato, basil and cheese) is never been surpassed.

Features of traditional Naples pizza:

  • Expand the dough by hands without any tools;

  • The edge of expanded dough is thick and the middle is thin (about 2-3 millimeter);

  • After being finished, the pizza must be baked on the firewood stove for 45-90 seconds. With the development of baking technology, pizza electric baking oven is widely used.

  • The dough of Naples pizza is made of flour, water, yeast, salt and a little olive oil.

Making process of classical Naples pizza

1. Making recipe

Ingredients Percentage
High gluten flour + low gluten flour 70%+30%
Salt 2-2. 5%
Olive oil 2. 5%
Angel active dry yeast (for pizza)0.4%
Water 66%

2. Making process

  • Put yeast, salt and flour into blender; mix them in low speed for 1 minutes.

  • Put water and olive oil into flour; stir in low speed for 8 minutes; then stir in high speed until the dough expands enough (the temperature of dough should be kept at 23-25 ℃temperature).

  • Take out the dough and put it on the desk for 30 minutes;

  • Divide the dough into small one (250g/per); make them round; put them into the plastic case; seal the case to avoid drying the dough;

  • Put the dough into 4℃cold storage; use them in 24-72 hours (dough is mature).

The dough standing 4 hours at 4℃

Angel active dry yeast (specialized for pizza) can receive better ductility.

3. Pizza making and decoration

First, expand the dough: use knife to take out the dough and put it in the desk with flour in the surface; then use figures to press the dough (the direction is from the near of body to the distant); later rotate dough 90 degrees. Repeat the same process and finally open the dough with fists, like the following picture.

The picture of 250g expanding dough:

Second, decorate the dough: after expanding the dough, put tomato and other ingredients on the pizza.

After finishing the decoration, we can get the following pizza:

Third, bake: put the pizza into the preheating oven (the height of oven is about 12 centimeter); the up temperature of oven is 350℃and the bottom temperature is 300 ℃; bake for about 3 minutes (when the time reaches 2 minutes, rotate the pizza 180 degrees). When the color of pizza is gold, pizza can be taken out (it is normal that some bubbles are burnt).

Other decorating methods depend on one’s tastes.

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