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The baking application difference for Aluminum free baking powder and Aluminum-containing baking powder

The baking powder is a white powder mainly composed of baking soda and acidic material, with some fillers added. After the baking powder dissolved into water, the acidic material and baking soda has the chemical reaction to release carbon dioxide. At the same time, more gas will be released during this heating process. It is mainly used as a quick leavening agent for flour foods, such as cakes, biscuits, bread, etc., which can make the product softer or crispier.

The filler in baking powder is mainly used to separate the acidic and baking soda to avoid their premature reaction. According to the speed of reaction rate, baking powder is divided into: slow baking powder, fast baking powder and double-acting baking powder.

Angel Yeast, as a world-renowned supplier of baking ingredients, has developed a variety of aluminum-free baking powders with these years persistent research. Next, let us introduce Angel aluminum baking powder from the following aspects.

1. More healthy without Aluminum

It is reported that aluminum will be continuously accumulated in human body, causing neuropathy and interfering with people's thinking, consciousness, and memory functions. In severe cases, dementia may occur. And according to the assessment of the World Health Organization, the allowable daily intake of aluminum per kilogram of body weight cannot exceed 0.6mg. Aluminum-containing baking powder is mainly composed of aluminum-containing acid salts, such as aluminum potassium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium aluminum phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate. The Aluminum-containing baking powder has a relatively higher aluminum content-around 3%. The Angel aluminum-free baking powder mainly combined with phosphate and organic acid to replace the aluminum-containing acid salt, effectively eliminating the "aluminum" harm.

2. Better taste

By using aluminum-containing baking powder, the products have a more alkaline or bitter taste. Through the comparison test, there is none alkaline taste and bitter taste by using Angel free aluminum baking powder,which obviously improves the taste and flavor of the product and improves customer satisfaction.


3. Better product organization and color

By using the aluminum-containing baking powder, the cake has a dark color and rough structure.

Angel Aluminum free baking powder selects high-quality raw materials,and optimizes the formula so that the acid and baking soda can fully react. The cake made by Angel Aluminum free Baking Powder is uniform in color, white and exquisite in structure.


4. The cake batter is more stable and volume is bigger

In the actual production process, when the application formula and operation method are the same, it is found that the different baking powders has relatively large differences in the corresponding cake products. In addition, during the baking process, often opening the oven door will also affect the stability of the cake batter, causing the shrink issues after the baking. But Angel double-acting baking powder can solve above issues easily.

By optimizing the composition and proportion of the acid salt of the baking powder to adjust the gas production rate and gas production, so that the baking powder can reasonably produce gas during the entire baking process, thereby increasing the stability of the entire batter system and making the finished product very Good volume.



Published by Nick Yu

Senior Engineer

Angel Baking center Division

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