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Functional Products for Wine
Helps yeast to quickly start Malolactic fermentation, improve wine stability, improve taste and harmony , used for optimization wine, recommended for adding between aging and bottling
Inactivated yeast enriched with glutathione. Provide yeast nutrition peptides, inhibit oxidation and aging of wine
Yeast extract enriched with glutathione and free amino acids. Provide nutrients and glutathione, prevent grape must and wine oxidation, supply nutrients for yeast growth and multiplication.
AROM-Pro CU200
An inactivated yeast product to reduce the damage of sulphur off flavour compounds, such as H2s and dimethyl sulphide.
It has an ability to combine the off-flavour sulphur compounds that mask the aromas of wine and can make wine more fruity and fresh with round mouthfeel due to the polysaccharides and peptides from the inactive yeast.
Clarificant CL-01
Angel clarificant CL-01 has a variety of enzyme activities and glutathione. Through a balanced combination, it has excellent clarification and antioxidant ability, which can effectively improve the juice yield of grape berries, reduce the turbidity of grape juice, protect the color of wine, and is suitable for all white and red grape varieties.
A specific yeast derivative with a high mannoprotein and peptides to improves mouthfeel, balances acidity and bitterness of wine and influences the organoleptic characteristics.
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