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Angel Group replaces damaged purchases and donates to help flood-hit Henan province

Angel Group recalls Henan customers’ damaged purchases and replaces that free of charge. Angel has also donated 1 million yuan to help flood-hit Henan province restore livelihoods and production.

During 17th and 21st of July, 2021, the extraordinary rainstorm seriously hit many places in Henan Province, nearly 100 dealers, more than 13 million money of Angel products were flooded, causing huge losses.

After the disaster, Angel Group immediately sent condolences to customers in Henan Province and had a detailed understanding of the disaster. In order to avoid the flow of the damaged products into the markets and help dealers resume business as soon as possible, Angel Group replaced the products for the affected customers of the disaster in the shortest time and recalled all the damaged products.

Recently, Angel Group also donated 1 million yuan in cash to the disaster-stricken areas in Henan Province through Yichang Charity Federation.

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