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Green and Intelligent Tech of Angel Yeast Yichang Xiaoting Base Grabs Headlines

On November 23, the front page of the Three Gorges Daily newspaper was titled “Green Intelligence Creates New Energy - Angel Yeast Xiaoting Base's Gas, Water and Electricity Consumption Decreases 14.3%, 11.66% and 4.9% respectively", and reported the experience and practices of Angel Biotechnology Industrial Park in enabling green "intelligence" manufacturing through a series of measures such as technological innovation and process improvement.

On November 16, in Angel Biotechnology Industrial Park, Xiaoting District, Yichang, the manipulators of Angel Yeast Green Production Base worked in the workshop, and bags of dry yeast kept come off the production line and are transported to markets all over the country.

In July this year, the production line started trial production, and produced 4,500 tons of yeast in October, and is now making every effort to achieve its maximum capacity. Meanwhile, the yeast extract is in trial production and the 150,000-ton hydrolyzed sugar project is undergoing equipment commissioning.

The reporter shuttled around the Angel Yeast Green Production Base, the machines roared in his ears, and the vehicles shuttled around in front of him, but he could not smell any strange smell. In the face of the reporter's curiosity, Tan Aidong, Assistant Minister of Environmental Protection Production Department, explained that in the green production base, the company has invested 3 sets of waste water and 6 sets of waste gas system treatment devices to scientifically control waste water, waste gas and odor.

Yeast Production Base of Angel Yeast (Yichang Xiaoting)

Yeast Production Base of Angel Yeast (Yichang Xiaoting)

Tan told the reporter that the company has implemented separate treatment of thick and thin wastewater through technological innovation and process improvement. Among them, the thick wastewater has become a yeast metabolite through evaporation and concentration process, and the downstream fertilizer plants use it as raw material to produce organic fertilizer. In terms of waste gas treatment, multi-stage washing plus activated carbon desorption technology is adopted, so that no smell can be smelled in the plant area.

At the same time, the base optimizes the process flow and adopts measures such as comprehensive utilization of wastewater to achieve the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Biogas is generated during wastewater treatment, so the company has built a new biogas boiler to convert the biogas into steam, which is piped to the workshop for production, reducing energy consumption. Since the new plant was put into operation, among the main energy consumption indicators, gas consumption has decreased by 14.3%, water consumption by 11.66% and power consumption by 4.9%.

"The whole production line realizes the automation of the whole process from feeding, impurity removal, sterilization, fermentation, separation, dehydration, drying, packaging to distribution and shipment," the civil engineer of Angel Yeast (Yichang) Co., Ltd. told Zuo Yao that the Angel Yeast Green Production Base applied international leading automation equipment and systems, supplemented by artificial intelligence technology, to achieve full automatic operation and intelligent control of the production line. The intelligent warehouse technology is adopted to realize the "unmanned" unloading and warehousing of raw materials, as well as the packing, stacking, transportation and shipment of finished products in the company.


Angel Biotechnology Industrial Park, Xiaoting District, Yichang

In the production line workshop of extracts, the equipment is being debugged and trial production will be conducted soon. The relevant person in charge of the company introduces, in recent years, yeast extract is used in both biological medicine in the field of health, skin care products in the field of cosmetics, and condiments in the field of food freshening and seasoning.

It is understood that Angel Green Production Base Project is the first phase project of Angel Xiaoting Biotechnology Park, which will complete the capacity replacement of Yichang Factory on Chengdong Avenue.

Opposite the Green Production Base, the green manufacturing project of new enzyme preparations is under construction. It is expected that the project will be delivered for acceptance at the end of November this year, and the first production line will be put into operation in December. Enzymes are widely used in food, agriculture, animal husbandry, bioenergy, general health and other fields due to their green and efficient characteristics.

With the launch of Angel Green Production Base Project in Xiaoting district, a number of high-quality upstream and downstream enterprises have successively come to the district, and the planned large biomedical industrial park of around 1000 mu has taken shape.

At present, Angel Yeast (Yichang) Co., Ltd., Angel Enzyme Preparation (Yichang) Co., Ltd., Hubei Maiggic Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Angel Bangtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have settled in Angel Biotechnology Industrial Park, so it covers enzyme preparation, synthetic biology, health, yeast and deep processing.

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