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Social Responsibility Brief Report 2020

June 24, 2021

by Zoe Yang

In the past year, while fighting against the pandemic and doing a good job in production and operation, Angel has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities in relevant aspects such as the promoting of sustainable economic development, the environmental protection and the social welfare.

Servicing the global consumers

Carrying forward the enterprise spirit of "pursuit of excellence, courage to innovation, and never self-contented ", Angel has built 13 business units around the yeast industry chain, providing the high-quality products and services to 155 countries and regions around the world. During the pandemic period, in view of the surging demand for small packaging products in the domestic market, we gave full play to the online advantages of e-commerce and took multiple measures to ensure the livelihood of the people from the aspects of manufacturing, logistics and channels. In response to the overseas pandemic situation, the headquarters guided the two overseas companies to study and formulate the international market response strategies timely to ensure the stability of the market.

Being a healthy lifestyle innovator
Angel pushes forward the food safety, nutrition and health by relying on the scientific and technological progress and integrating the global resources. The total investment in research and development reached 386 million Yuan annually, increasing by 15. 81% on the year-on-year basis, with 246 research and development projects and 39 new product projects implemented. All the profit and technology centers actively carried out the marketing and industry activities to display the brand image and products of Angel in various forms.

Leading the global yeast industry

The International Business Center and six overseas business units were established to strengthen the localization marketing and market service of the overseas markets, the internationalization level was continuously increased. In 2020, the sales revenue of the overseas market reached 2. 519 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 14. 74%. Moreover, the brand value of Angel Yeast has been improved greatly.

IMG_8235. JPG

* Brazilian customers participating in the online interview program of baking technology

Integrating the upstream and downstream resources

The supplier management mechanism is improved continuously to ensure the fair competition and establish a healthy and long-term partnership. Meanwhile, the supervision mechanism of clean operation is established too, the manual for prevention and control of clean operation risk is formulated, the operation mechanism of clean operation and management is improved to standardize the operation and management behavior, enhance the awareness of honesty operation, strengthen the honesty atmosphere, and maintain the sustainable and healthy development of Angel.

Doing a good job in ecological environmental protection
The ecological protection and green development of Angel is promoted by taking a series of measures, including establishing a long-term development mechanism based on the institutional system, improving the capability of operation and management with the legal compliance as the red line, enhancing the level of clean production for the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, and upgrading the environmental protection and governance facilities with the technological progress as the core, etc.

IMG_8237. JPG

* MVR evaporation system of the Environmental Production Department of Dehong Company

Strictly abiding by the red line of safety

Improve the identification of sources of danger and the investigation of hidden dangers, strengthen the safety training and risk control measures, enhance the subject consciousness of safety responsibility, regularly hold the safety committee meeting, implement the requirements in the proposal of the Party Committee, and include the major issues into safety concerns for strict control. In addition, Angel has formulated the emergency rescue plans and various special plans for the production safety accidents and carried out the regular drills to build a solid safety defense line.

Attaching great importance to the relations with the investors

Angel always communicates with the investors in an all-round and consecutive way. Following the principle of rewarding the shareholders, we formulate the reasonable profit distribution policies to actively reward the majority of shareholders, and won the positive evaluations from the securities regulatory authorities and the investors. Angel has been awarded as "Class A" in the information disclosure assessment of the listed companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange for five consecutive years.

IMG_8239. JPG

* The third interim general meeting of stockholders held by Angel Yeast in 2020

Constructing a harmonious employment environment

During the pandemic period, Angel has always put the safety and health of our employees in the first place. Angel also encourages our employees working hard to achieve the high goals and high performance so as to grow together with the company, and we sustainably carries out various trainings for technical improvement to build a learning organization. In addition, Angel effectively improves the welfare security of the employees through a series of mechanisms such as the annuity and equity incentive.

* Interface of learning APP

Fulfilling the social responsibility as state-owned enterprises

In order to implement the requirements of the targeted poverty alleviation, special assistance was provided to the Yechangping Village in Renheping Town of Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County in Yichang City. All the subsidiaries also actively responded to the poverty alleviation and carried out various poverty alleviation activities in local areas. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Angel worked together with the society, shouldered the social responsibilities and donated money and materials to fight against the pandemic.

The Outlook

In 2021, Angel will continue to adhere the mission of "developing biotechnology, innovating healthy life", integrate the concept of "mutual benefit and win-win" among the stakeholders such as the shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, employees, environment and the society into the production and business operation, and provide the high-quality health products and services to create more value for customers. In addition, Angel will also take our social responsibility and contribute to the public welfare undertakings to repay the society with a grateful heart.

About Angel:

Angel Yeast Company is a high-tech listed company specializing in yeast and biotech. Product business covers Yeast and Baking, Yeast Extract-Savoury, Nutrition & Health and Biotechnology fields. It is one of the world's leading companies in the yeast industry. Angel has 12 holding subsidiaries and provides products and services for more than 150 countries and regions.


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