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The Angel Story Behind its New International Promotional Video

On January 20th, the new version of Angel International promotional video has been completed and released. A detailed introduction is provided on Angel's philosophy, R&D, manufacturing, business, customer value, product quality and sustainability.

The filming and production of the video took a total of two months. On November 22nd and 23rd, the filming team arrived at the Angel headquarters and Industrial Park in Yichang for live shooting, which was successfully completed with the cooperation of various departments. In this shoot, a total of 22 Angel employees acted as actors in the promotional video. They came from different departments and positions, but all held the same belief: to make the greatest effort for the company's international video.

The satisfactory effect of promotional video is not only the result of the professionalism and hard work of the filming team, but also inseparable from every Angel staff who contributes to it. On the first day of filming, Angel's staff, who appeared for the first time, rushed to the scene at dawn to meet the filming needs. In order to improve the shooting effect, the colleagues also lent each other clothes, providing heartwarming help. At the filming site, colleagues often took the initiative to ask for photos, expressing the words "I can help" and "I can give it a try. " The heads of each department quickly responded to the need to cooperate with the filming, and based on their understanding of the employees, recommended suitable personnel for filming.


Promotional video footage

Apart from employees who wake up early to cooperate with filming, there are also employees who back home late. After a day of serious work, they hastily finished dinner and quietly stood at the filming site, waiting for their filming assistance to begin. They cooperated with the director's camera time and time again, overcoming their nervousness and awkwardness, only to better showcase the positive spirit of the company, demonstrate the professionalism of the company's personnel, and its leading position in the industry. The latest filming lasted until after 10 pm at night. Possibly due to concern for Angel, the employees who appeared on camera did not have any fatigue on their faces, but instead were filled with happy smiles.

The moment that showcased the cohesion of Angel employees appeared countless times during the two-day filming phase. Seeing these scenes, members of the foreign filming team couldn't help but say, "I love Angel's atmosphere, warm and lively." The filming and production of the new Angel Yeast International corporate video cannot be separated from the efforts of any employee in the company. This promotional video is not only Angel's business card, but also forever engraved with the names of every member of the Angel family.

The filming of the video has also received strong assistance from the School of Foreign Languages, China Three Gorges University. Thank you all for your strong support. The new version of the international promotional video has been released on the Videos section of Angel official website. Welcome to check it out:

Welcome to the World of Angel - Angelyeast

Angel Yeast Corporation Introduction 2024 - YouTube

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