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Angel Yeast strengthens the input of yeast-based and plant-based organic nitrogen sources


By Yinqiang

Jul 1, 2021

At present, affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the shortage of various raw materials, the shortage of organic nitrogen sources in the global market has become increasingly prominent. Angel Yeast strengthens the input of yeast and plant-based organic nitrogen sources to alleviate the global market's tight supply of high-quality organic nitrogen sources

The survival and development of bio-fermentation companies have met serious constraints on the supply of organic nitrogen sources which is one of the most important components in the microbial fermentation medium. Whether cultivating high-quality probiotics or doing large-scale fermentation to produce amino acids, it is inseparable from the role of organic nitrogen sources.

Organic nitrogen sources can be divided into animal sources, plant sources, and yeast sources. Among them, some animal-derived raw materials are unstable, difficult to store, and perishable, resulting in large fluctuations in the quality of some animal-derived organic nitrogen sources, affecting the stability of biological fermentation production; in addition, some animal-derived organic nitrogen sources have pathogenic risks, such as BSE, TSE, ASF, etc., as well as the risks of customs taboos, so that plant-derived organic nitrogen sources and yeast-derived organic nitrogen sources have broad application prospects in the bio-fermentation industry. Furthermore, as food and drug regulations become more and more stringent, Halal and Kosher audit requirements are becoming more and more stringent, it is a trend to use non-animal origin raw materials to replace animal origin raw materials in the production process of food raw materials and drugs,

In 2021, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. uses the advantages of intelligent manufacturing to actively expand the production capacity of high-quality yeast-based organic nitrogen sources--yeast extracts and yeast peptone to 85,000 tons/year, and is expected to expand to 100,000 tons/year in 2022. , which can greatly alleviate the tight supply of organic nitrogen sources in the global bio-fermentation industry. However, the development and production of plant-based nitrogen sources still have a significant gap with the urgent market demand. Currently, most plant-based nitrogen sources on the market have few varieties and poor quality which are by-products of agriculture and industry, such as corn steep liquor and soybean meal hydrolysate, which lacks effective quality control methods. Although some high-quality plant-based nitrogen sources, such as plant-based peptone, have been industrialized in some countries and regions, the supply of them is still tight compared to the growing demand for high-quality organic nitrogen sources in the global market.

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To further alleviate the global bio-fermentation industry's demand for high-quality plant-based nitrogen sources, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. has gradually overcome such key technologies as plant protein pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and purification, removal of nutritional inhibitors, and comprehensive utilization of by-products after years of painstaking research, which has laid the foundation for plant-based nitrogen source industrialization. In addition, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. has established a special microbial nutrition research institute, focusing on microorganisms and animal cell culture media for many years, and in-depth research on the application and mechanism of plant-based nitrogen sources. It has been used for soybean, wheat, peas, peanut, cottonseed, potato, and other plant-based raw materials to develop high-quality plant-based nitrogen sources and non-animal sources of compound nitrogen sources.

As the growth of plants is affected by the variety, place of production, climate, and other conditions, it also leads to fluctuations in plant raw materials. To ensure the quality stability of the product, all plant protein raw materials of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. come from certified suppliers and have strict requirements on the origin of the raw materials and realize the traceability of raw materials. When raw materials enter the factory, a comprehensive physical and chemical index test is required, and technical methods such as near-infrared spectroscopy are used to control the stability of raw material quality. In addition to the stability control of the quality of raw materials, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. uses state of the art manufacturing equipment, mature operating systems, and thousands of sensors to input and output data with high speed to achieve the standardization, automation, and intellectualization of plant-based nitrogen source production, and provide high-quality, stable, safe, and clean non-animal sources of organic nitrogen sources for bio-fermentation industry.

At present, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. is actively building an intelligent production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons of plant-based organic nitrogen sources. Relying on its mature development experience and industrialization advantages of its own yeast-based nitrogen sources, it will soon launch a series of plant-based organic nitrogen sources to alleviate the global market's tight supply of high-quality organic nitrogen sources and promote the overall upgrade of the global bio-fermentation industry.

About Angel Microbial Nutrition

Angel YE, rich in protein, amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, B vitamins and trace elements. With the advantages of having no allergic source and being non-transgenic, high efficiency and stable quality, Angel YE are widely applied in the biological laboratories and industrial-scale fermentation, promoting the product safety and technical progress in the global fermentation industry.

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