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Angel's tasty and healthy solutions for snack ingredients highlight at Snackex 2022

July 14, 2022

SNACKEX2022, the industry-defining event for the savory snacks business, was held in Hamburg, Germany from July 6th to 7th 2022. Angel European Division participate in the exhibition.

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At SNACKEX, Angel team unveiled the brand new image of taste solutions, and introduced the solutions of sodium reduction, off-notes masking and taste enhancement to help snack producers meet consumers’ demand for clean labeling, taste innovation, and better-for-you ingredients. As a natural savory ingredient, Angel Yeast Extract is in line with the ongoing trend and offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to create versatile snack applications.

Participation in SNACKEX highly increases the influence of Angel yeast in the snack industry of European markets.

About Angel Yeast

Founded in 1986, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd specializes in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives. Its product range includes baker's yeast and ingredients, Chinese dim sum and seasoning, savory yeast extract, human health, animal nutrition, plant nutrition, distilled spirits and biofuels, microbial nutrition and enzymes. At present, Angel Yeast has 11 international advanced production bases in China, Egypt and Russia, and provides products and services for more than 150 countries and regions globally.

About Angel Yeast Extract-Savoury:

Angel YE (yeast extract) made from edible yeast, by degradation the protein and nucleic acid in the yeast cells into nutritional seasonings with the application of modern biotechnology, has the advantages of increasing the fresh flavor, reducing salt, balancing the odor, strong tolerance and food properties, which promotes the global healthy operation of salt reduction and "clean label ".

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