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Anti-aging Techniques Updated for Bread

The aging of bread is similar to that of human beings, which can only be delayed by different technologies, but cannot be prevented. The aging bread gives us the intuitive feeling that it is hard, easy to fall crumbs when slicing, and tastes rough.

There are many factors affecting aging. The main reason is the recrystallization of swelling starch molecules. For bakery food processing shops or enterprises, the raw ingredients are the most easily controlled, with the combination of better compatible improvers can retard the bread aging from the roots. As a raw material for roasting fermented foods, the modifier not only increases the volume and improves the function of tissues, but also has some anti-aging agents. After more than 20 years' development and accumulation of bread improver, Angel Yeast has developed several kinds of bread improver with different functions: increasing volume, frozen dough, hamburger, French stick (Crisp effect), anti-aging (powder and paste), etc.

After technical researches, the recommended product portfolio for baked products are:


Product recommended



Angel semi dry yeast

Angel Fresh Yeast

High living cell rate and well organized products are helpful to delay the aging of products



Angel super soft bread improver

Through the combination of formulation, emulsifier and moisturizing technology, the tissue softness was increased and the retrogradation of gelatinized starch was delayed


Bakerdream Compound Bread Emulsifier

The compound paste emulsifier can increase the binding water of dough and lock up the moisture

Application effect of different Bread ImproversEffects of different types of improvers upon the hardness of bread.jpg


Remark: use 1% Angel super soft bread improver

Compared with common bread improver, Angel’s super soft bread improver has more advantages in anti-aging, so it is the first choice for making long, medium and short size bread.

Application effects of Bakerdream Compound Bread Emulsifier:

Bakerdream Compound Bread Emulsifier 20kg*1, with illustration

Effects of Bakerdream compound bread emulsifier on the hardness of bread.jpg

Emulsifier dosage is 1%, the compared sample without improver added)

Remark:Because of the difference between powder improver and paste emulsifier in the test formula, conditions and raw materials, they can not be directly compared.


Published by RICK

Senior Engineer

Angel Baking Center

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