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SCI frontier: GroPro Aqua's breakthrough in the application of low fish meal diet in olive flounder

April 21st, 2020

by Xiangqian Xiao

In recent years, the application of GroPro Aqua in aquatic products has attracted more and more attention, and also attracted the interest of researchers. Recently, the latest research results on GroPro Aqua were included in the SCI journal ‘Aquaculture’ with an impact factor of 3. 02 on April 6, 2020. This study tested the application of seven functional additives in low meal diet of olive flounder. GroPro Aqua is called yeast extract nucleotides(YEN)in this paper. The results showed that YEN (GroPro Aqua), GAB (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and SGS (song-gang stone) could be the most effective functional additives in the low fish meal diet of olive flounder.


Title of the original paper:Evaluation of seven different functional feed additives in a low fish meal diet for olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus

In this paper, the role of GroPro Aqua in low meal diet of olive flounder is as follows:

- Improves production performance.

Under the same feeding amount, GroPro Aqua can significantly improve the weight gain rate, specific growth rate, feed and protein efficiency of olive flounder.

- Improve intestinal structure and function.

GroPro Aqua is rich in nucleic acids, which can promote the growth of intestinal microvilli, increase the length of intestinal microvilli, increase the absorption surface area of nutrients. At the same time, GroPro Aqua can improve the trypsin activity and the ability of protein digestion and absorption.

- Enhance immunity and disease resistance.

The β-glucan and nucleic acid contained in GroPro Aqua can improve the non-specific immunity of fish and regulate the expression level of Hsp70.

Above all, the publication of this paper further confirmed the function and role of GroPro Aqua as a protein raw material in aquaculture, and provided a basis for the application of GroPro Aqua in the diet with low fish meal of olive flounder.

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