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The award ceremony of the 4th Microbial Petri Dish Art Competition was held in Shanghai

August 31, 2020

By Yin Qiang

The award ceremony of the 4th Microbial Petri Dish Art Competition was held in Shanghai, China. This awards ceremony was broadcast live for the first time and attracted many fans to watch online.

* Professor Deng Zixin congratulates to the competition

Mr. Deng Zixin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Chinese Society of Microbiology, and chairman of the Shanghai Synthetic Biology Innovation Strategic Alliance-Academician, also sent congratulations to the winners of the competition through the "cloud" terminal, pointing out that the quality of the competition's works is constantly improving and showing the academic level and artistic accomplishments of today’s microbiologists; at the same time, it is proposed that microbiology will have a huge impact on human production and life. With the help of a platform such as the Petri dish art competition, we will do a good job in the popular science of microbiology and be a scientific researcher. We should bear the responsibility; the support of the public will better promote the rapid development of microbiology, and provide more solutions for the harmonious development of mankind and nature.

*Chairman Shi Weichen presents awards to the winners

After online voting and expert review, one gold award, two silver awards, three bronze awards, six outstanding work awards, and two best popularity awards were finally selected. Shanxi Medical University won the best organization award.

*Gold award

*Silver award

*Bronze award

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