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Yeast Actives

Various functional components can be extracted and separated from yeast. Such as yeast protein, yeast polypeptide, yeast β -glucan, yeast mannoprotein, glutathione, etc.

Yeast protein contains 9 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, and the composition is reasonable, the nutritional value is better than plant protein, close to milk protein; And we have done research, yeast protein to increase muscle synthesis effect is obvious.

Yeast polypeptide is derived from yeast protein by proper enzymolysis. The yeast polypeptide developed by Angel has the functions of lowering blood pressure, regulating mood and resisting fatigue.

Another example is yeast β-glucan, which is known to many consumers as dietary polysaccharide that can enhance immunity. Angel's yeast β -glucan is added to many well-known brands of children's milk powder in China.

Yeast mannose is a polysaccharide. The main chain consists of several mannose molecules linked by α-1, 6-glycosidic bond. The main chain is connected with α-1, 2 glycosidic bond or α-1, 3-glycosidic bond of mannose side chain, which is linked to protein by O-glycopeptide bond or N-glycopeptide bond. It can regulate intestinal flora, adhere to harmful bacteria and toxins, and stabilize wine.

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