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  • [Recipe] French classic bread—Brioche

    [Recipe] French classic bread—Brioche

    Today the recipe that we recommend uses Vienna yeast dough premix, which has better dough control, extremely good flavor and in-oven jump. And this needs no overnight ferment but can easily make the classic Brioche.

  • Angel super soft bread improver, healthy aid for bread softness

    Angel super soft bread improver, healthy aid for bread softness

    According to statistics, the waste in family consumed food is not only astonishingly huge, but also at an increasing rate. Referring to cereals especially bread, the waste comes firstly from the mould, secondly from the aging of bread

  • Angel help you to solve usual problems when making frozen dough

    Angel help you to solve usual problems when making frozen dough

    Angel Helper: Help you solve usual problems when making frozen dough

  • [Recipe] HONEY CAKE

    [Recipe] HONEY CAKE

    Honey Cake is improved by Angel Yeast dessert application technology innovation team according to the cake invented in 1927 by Harry Beck, an insurance broker in California. The cake has the characteristics of intense aromas of frankincense, golden color, and soft moist taste.

  • [Recipe] Danube brezel salt croissant

    [Recipe] Danube brezel salt croissant

    This kind of bread matches the French imported fermented butter and brezel salt from Backaldrin in Austria, which makes the bread taste wonderful.

  • [Recipe] Soufflé

    [Recipe] Soufflé

    Soufflé is originated from France. This kind of special dessert technology mainly uses the way that separates the yolk and albumen. After being baked, the texture is tender and soft. Soufflé with light wine aroma is based on whipping cream which makes the cake taste smooth and have rich milk flavor. The cake produced by frozen method can highlight its unique taste.

  • [Recipe] Caesar bread

    [Recipe] Caesar bread

    Caesar represents emperor in Germany and windmill shape also means emperor. Caesar bread is a kind of small bread in the residential circle of Austria and south of Germany. In the past, the windmill shape on the Caesar bread was made by hands.

  • [Recipe] Naples thin pancake pizza

    [Recipe] Naples thin pancake pizza

    Angel active dry yeast (for pizza) can give the dough better ductility and pizza can be easily shaped; The products are stable and have longer fermentation endurance; Suitable for making different kinds of pizza; Improve the fermentation flavor of dough.

  • [Recipe] German bread with Asian taste

    [Recipe] German bread with Asian taste

    Bread making by alkaline water is the symbol of German bread. After being improved, this kind of bread with softer tissue satisfies the Chinese taste and is suit for Chinese eating habits.

  • [Recipe] Bagle plain

    [Recipe] Bagle plain

    Recipe of Bagle plain